You must have heard of the new-fangled Blue Coral fascinating Aquarium, the coolest Aqua Tropical Rainforest Aquarium concept with thriving plants and cherry fish. The coral fishes of different species such as blueface angelfish, parrot fish, anthias fish, clown fishes, orbiculate batfish…you name it they have it! What are your thoughts upon the new one that is somewhere nearby KL Tower?



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The Coolest Aqua Tropical Rainforest Aquarium At Kuala Lumpur

Check out the upcoming expansion, the Blue Coral Aquarium which is sited in the famous 421m high telecommunications and broadcasting steeple, KL Tower! Only a 5-minute walk to the heart of city (Bukit Nanas), why not?
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The Coral Fishes Of Different Species

Experience a one-stop off at the variety spots that allow you to sight through an array of fishes sliding along the vast aquarium. It would be a unique stop-over as the expert guide will have an exceptional showcase behind-the-scenes fish species.
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